Lands in Zoria are NFTs, which come with high utility buildings, which will generate revenue for the landowners according to certain use cases.
Any player can own these Lands & start earning by staking them. If the player unstakes the land, they cannot collect any revenue. All Lands start with a one-star rating. Landowners have to increase their ratings to get access to more benefits. Some ways to do this are to hire more people, have more active employees, and by employing Zorians with high work stats. The star rating of the land represents its efficiency, and the higher it gets, the better the perks.

Production Lands:

Primary Resources are the fundamental necessities for life in Zoria, and as a production land owner, players can generate revenue every time others extract resources. Landowners can take their cut from each extraction. Additionally, ten percent of the resource will be levied as taxes from the players. This goes to the community pool and will be used to reward the players in the form of seasonal chests.
Each production land will have a per-day production limit. This will be calculated based on the previous day’s respective burnt usable resources & star-rating of the land.
Types of Production lands:
  • Oil Rig
  • Farm
  • Iron Ore Mine
  • Mana Plant

Refinery Lands:

Primary resources have to be converted into usable resources to make them functional in Zoria. This is done in refineries. Refinery landowners can generate revenue from this.
Players refine their primary resources by spending some $KASH tokens. Higher quantities of refining require higher amounts of $KASH tokens. Landowners can take their cut of primary resources from each player, and another ten percent will be levied as taxes and goes to the community pool.
The remaining percentage of resources will be burnt and the player will receive the equivalent amount of usable resources.
Each Refinery will have a per day refining limit, which is determined by the Land’s star rating and employee efficiency. Refineries with higher star ratings will be able to refine resources faster.
Types of Refineries :
  • Oil refinery
  • Food refinery
  • Iron Ore refinery
  • Mana refinery

Kart Showroom:

A player’s kart is their most prized possession in Zoria. Kart showrooms are the only places where players can buy & sell fully-built karts.
Players can own a kart showroom, and list their unique karts for sale.
Kart showroom owners get to decide the pricing for their Karts. Other players can visit these showrooms at any time & buy karts at the set rates. 10% of the transaction fee will be burnt.
Kart showrooms with higher star ratings can display more karts for sale than other showrooms.


Players can own a bazaar in Zoria. A Bazaar is essentially a marketplace that is fully run by the player (bazaar owner). They can list items for sale, decide their pricing, and make profits.
Bazaars stay open 24/7, and any player can buy the items listed by the Bazaar owner for the set prices.
Bazaars with higher star ratings can list more items than ones with lower ratings.

Parking lot:

Players need parking spaces for their karts. By default, every kart will be parked in the nearest community parking lot, which is free of cost. Entrepreneurial players can generate revenue by buying a parking lot and renting out spaces to others. Players can rent a privately owned parking spot of their choice for ease of access. The next time they log in (respawn), the players can easily pick up their karts from this rented spot.

Storage Building:

In Zoria, players keep acquiring items. Players who don’t have sufficient inventory space for these items will need to rent space in a storage building to store them.
These are privately owned properties. Warehouse owners can rent out space to others at their prices. Thirty percent of the transaction will be burnt.


What’s life without a home you can always return to for comfort! players who own a house in Zoria need not go anywhere else to store their items and park their karts.
These are the different types of houses you can own in Zoria are:
The townhouse is a simple residence appropriate for storage, while the villa, mansion, and palace are progressively fancier houses that come with parking lots for your Karts.