There are plenty of employment opportunities in Zoria. Players can get a job and earn $KASH tokens & improve their skills. Once employed, the player has to punch in at work every day to show their activity. This is crucial to increase Land efficiency and get higher star ratings.
The skills of a player are measurable by their three work stats:
  • Manual Skill
  • Endurance
  • Intelligence
Players will gain work stats every day based on their job role and level of activity at work. Different job roles require different work stats from an employee for maximum efficiency.
Players can start by working at Community lands to earn experience and more importantly, work stats. Community lands will hire any player, but you won’t get paid & the work stat earnings will also be lower. Once the player has gained enough work stats, they can apply for jobs on privately owned lands. Private landowners will offer employees a daily salary, and you can also gain better work stats.