• NFT Design and conceptualization

Conceptualizing Zoria and designing each tribe showing its culture and an immersive backstory for each tribe.

• Whitepaper Release

A complete description of the NFT and its use cases, gameplay in the metaverse, and the tokenomics of the token used in the metaverse.

• NFT Mint - private and public sale

Series 1(Zorian Adam collection) NFTs with unique characteristics, each representing one of the ten ruling tribes of Zoria.

• NFT staking

Staking NFTs will be rewarded with $KASH tokens to incentivize holding. More details can be found here.
NFT sale in the marketplace will be tethered with jackpot mechanic giving every NFT buyer a chance to win the Jackpot.
Launch of the auction house for bluechip NFTs, where users can participate by spending $KASH.
Release of raffle platform, where we will showcase NFTs as prizes for raffle and participants will burn $KASH to enter.


• VC & Launchpad Partnership

Partner up with early investors of the $XKT token and launchpad partnership to release the governing token of the metaverse.

• Launch of $XKT token

Release of $XKT, the governing token for the metaverse ecosystem with a smart contract written in the Avalanche blockchain.

• $XKT staking

Introducing token staking and yield farming to strengthen the ecosystem and in turn reward them with lucrative $XKT tokens.

• Series 2 NFT Mint

Launch the series 2(Zorian Eve collection) NFTs, showing the tribe in a new light with new designs.

• Breeding

Introducing breeding of the NFTs to accommodate the growing population in the metaverse by spending $XKT and $KASH. This will bring another use case for the governance and the utility token.


• Marketplace

Launch of the in-house NFT marketplace, where people can buy and sell their Zorian NFTs using $XKT tokens.

• XKart Alpha release (Race Experience)

Release of the core game and try and balance different abilities in the race. Polish the race track to have a more competitive and engaging experience.

• Metaverse Land Sale

Minting of Zorian land, which is classified into legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, and common. Lands come with buildings, which will reward the holder with unique benefits and will let the Zorians interact with them using $KASH, bringing more utility to the token.


XKart Beta release (Metaverse Launch)
Bringing the Zorian universe into existence with many of the core features of the metaverse. This will integrate the previous race game experience and the metaverse element and build on the token system present in the Avalanche ecosystem.

• Mainnet launch of the metaverse

Releasing the final version of the metaverse integrating $KASH in the mainnet of the Avalanche ecosystem.

• Introduction to designing tools for creators

A drag and drop tool that will let the creator design clothing used in the metaverse and will introduce more things that will be used in the metaverse.

• Brand Integration into Metaverse

We will work on partnering up with leading clothing and accessories brands to integrate into our metaverse.