XKart racing has two types of leaderboards- 10 separate district leaderboards for the races conducted in each district & one Universal leaderboard. The leaderboards will reset every Season (One season lasts 2 weeks). Players can earn their spot on these leaderboards, and they will be rewarded at the end of each season. Leaderboard reset will drop the players by 7 tiers below their rank they achieved last season.

District Leaderboard

The top 5 ranking players of each district get rewarded with $XKT tokens.

Universal Leaderboard

This leaderboard documents the rankings of every XKart racer in Zoria. It follows a seven-tier system, and each tier has three sub-tiers. Their ranking and rewards are as follows:
The season rewards include Kart components, Blueprints, $KASH tokens, and resources. Every racer will have a place on the universal leaderboard according to the points they collect. Players earn bigger rewards as they move up to higher rankings on the universal leaderboard.
The City King
The best performing racer of the season is named the City King. To be eligible for this title, the player has to participate in the races in every district and should be leading in at least one district. The player who leads in most districts wins the title.
If there’s a tie, the title will take the overall performance of the players into account. In this event, in addition to securing the lead in one or more district leaderboards, the player should also have consistently performed well across all districts. Their rankings in all 10 leaderboards will be added to find the best performing racer. (Since the ranking is in ascending numerical order, the user with the lowest sum wins).
This title comes with the best perks and we don’t mean just the unlimited bragging rights. The City King gets a 10% cut from the $KASH tokens used for all marketplace transactions, building upgrades, and garage activities until the next season-ending. They also get the King Kart, an exclusive ride fit for the King! It has an enviable make, unlimited mileage, and no fuel charges.
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